Zoltán Horváth founded Sofilux Kft as a family enterprise in 2010, whose identity and values are deeply integrated in the and manifested in the daily business of the present company.

In the beginning, the small business primarily focused on electrical services and electrical installation jobs. By 2017, from the few people employed by the company at the very beginning, headcount grew to as many as 100 employees. Our people worked in almost all states throughout Germany.

High headcounts required a more extensive management in order to maintain the level accuracy and timeliness typical of the company.

Clients’ interests made us found a GmbH registered in Germany.

In response to this need, the company manager established the new company.

2019 witnessed new divisions at the company, as rope access services, installation, maintenance of solar systems, and services with drone technology were added to the business profile. We aim to continue rendering services to new and existing customers constantly and with the level of proficiency and in the way that we always have.

Expertise, proficiency, renewable energy sources, and drone technology are used to sustain our values in an eco-friendly way with the smallest possible footprint.